Full Day 9am-4pm STEM & Academic Camps
Grades 2-7  Exciting Weekly Themes with Robotics & Coding    

Half Day 9am-12pm Read-Ahead Camps with STEM
JK-Grade 1  Early Literacy & Intro to STEM

Half Day 1pm-4pm  High School Prep Camps
Grades 8-11 Writing for Success, Math Preview, or Study Skills

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Hamilton STEM & Academic Camp Descriptions and Schedule
For students entering Gr.2-7 (8:1 Ratio)               9am-4pm - $295+HST (*4 Day Weeks: $235)
Led by Ontario Certified Teachers
Extended Care Available (30 min. before/after)     Early Bird, Sibling, and Multi-Week Discounts

 Week 1: Celebrating 150 Years of Canada
   *July 4th – 7th     9am - 4pm (with Robotics/Coding 9am-12pm)
In honour of Canada's 150th birthday, students will explore the history of Canada in a new and exciting way! In this writing-focused academic camp, students will use the writing process to produce a research essay based on a Canadian topic of interest. This camp will also feature traditional craft-making, a look at Canadian literature, and an exploration of what makes Canada great!
* 4-day week

Week 2: Exploring Engineering
  July 10th – 14th      9am - 4pm (with Robotics/Coding 9am-12pm)
Campers will become budding engineers in this fun and exciting math-based camp! Using materials such as K’Nex, Lego, and household materials, they will learn about the mathematics of building strong, efficient structures and compete with their fellow campers to keep them standing! Campers will also have the opportunity to explore the world of coding – both electronically and in everyday life!

Week 3: CSI Forensics
  July 17th – 21st      9am - 4pm (with Robotics/Coding 9am-12pm)
This is a science-focused camp where our camper ‘investigators’ will come in on Monday to the scene of a crime! Our campers will work independently and in groups to collect evidence and clues as well as calculate information from our Sylvan ‘crime scenes’. They will complete CSI checklists, reports, and analyses, and have fun challenging their own ideas and theories using deduction, critical thinking and fact checking using both science and math.

Week 4: News and Clues
  July 24th – 28th      9am - 4pm (with Robotics/Coding 9am-12pm)
This week, our campers will take on the role of reporters! They will practice their research and report writing skills – all with a fun twist! In this writing-based camp, campers will use the writing process to produce a news article about a current event. This week will also feature other fun writing activities, games, and crafts. Finally, our reporters will have the opportunity to create a digital news segment!

Week 5: Space Odyssey
  July 31st – August 4th     9am - 4pm (with Robotics/Coding 9am-12pm)
During this week, our budding astronauts will explore our real and imagined universe to expand their curiosity. In this math-focused camp, our astronauts will use teamwork and fundamental math skills in order to complete challenges to ensure their spaceship returns home to Earth safely. They will face obstacles involving asteroids, space weather, and solar storms! This week will also feature exciting science experiments, games, and crafts.

 Week 6: Earth and the Environment
   *August 8th – 11th     9am - 4pm (with Robotics/Coding 9am-12pm)
This is a science-focused camp where our campers will explore the Earth and the Environment and their connection to it. Our Eco-campers will enjoy working together to create weather systems and will examine the beauty and power of nature. Through exploration, discussion and experimentation, they will learn the importance of balance in the natural world and will examine ways to protect it. They will also be challenged to suggest creative ideas to re-use and recycle everyday items for function and fun!
* 4-day week

Week 7: At The Movies
  August 14th – 18th     9am - 4pm (with Robotics/Coding 9am-12pm)
In this writing-focused week, campers will explore the behind-the-scenes fun of movie making! Students will learn about different styles of creative writing, and use the writing process in order to produce a small portfolio of work, including their very own original script! Students enrolled in this camp will also have the opportunity to try their hand at stop-motion animation, improvisation, and visual art!

Week 8: Exploring Ancient Worlds
  August 21st – 25th    9am - 4pm (with Robotics/Coding 9am-12pm)
In this math-based camp, our curious campers will be going back in time to revisit some of the world's most famous cultures, architectural structures, and iconic artifacts. Campers will use mathematical skills to create to-scale replicas of the Pyramids, Parthenon, and more! They will also have the opportunity to compare our modern-day numerical system with ancient ones and learn about Greek, Roman, and Egyptian monetary systems!

Week 9: Smart Superheroes
  August 28th – Sept. 1st   9am - 4pm (with Robotics/Coding 9am-12pm)
Our MARVELous campers will have a fun filled week learning about fictional and real superheroes. In this science-based camp, they will explore the science behind the most iconic superheroes and their unique superpowers and will have a chance to imagine, create and design their own superhero world and characters! Campers will partake in missions to explore scientific concepts such as gravity, velocity, speed, and sound.Sylvan STEM & Academic Camps

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